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Bible Questions and Answers

The following list is not designed to discuss doctrine, or provide in-depth teaching. It is merely a resource center for factual information on the Bible while further learning pointers are included. For more in-depth learning go to the Bible Links section of this site.

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Bible Questions Index

  1. Why do some churches use the Star of David (Magen David) for decoration?
  2. What Is the Meaning of the Word "Christ"?
  3. Did Jesus and John the Baptist met before Jesusí revelation as Messiah at the Jordan River?
  4. How Old is the World?
  5. What Does The Name Jonathan Mean?
  6. Is Homosexuality allowed in the Bible?
  7. Is Jesus Mentioned by Pliny the Younger?
  8. What book of the Bible did Jesus write?
  9. Did John the Baptist know beforehand that Jesus Christ Was the Messiah?
  10. Jesus' Miracles - When and Where?
  11. Where is mentioned in the NT that there were three Magi?
  12. Who were the giants mentioned in the Bible?
  13. If Jesus was born in 6 B.C., why isn't this year the start of the Christian Era?
  14. What are the meanings of the names of the first five books of the Bible (OT)?
  15. Tell me about Jesus' life between 7-26 AD.
  16. How many years did it take Noah to build the ark?
  17. Was Adam's & Eve's Forbidden Fruit an Apple?
  18. Is Jesus Mentioned in the Old Testament?
  19. How do we know when the books of the Bible were written?
  20. Where did the sons of Adam and Eve (Cain, Abel, Seth) find wives?
  21. Is the Bible sacred to both the Christian and the Jewish religions?
  22. Is tattoo practice allowed by Old and New Testaments?
  23. Old or New Testament, Which Should We Follow?

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