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    Australian Scientists, Inventors and Explorers

    Famous Australian Scientists, Inventors and Explorers

    Lawrence Hargrave (1850 - 1915) : theoretical wing model for modern airplanes.

    Peter Doherty * (1940 - ): made discoveries concerning the cell immune defence.

    Isobel Bennett (1909 - 2008): one of Australia's best-known marine biologists.

    William Henry Bragg * (1862 - 1942) & William Lawrence Bragg * (1890 - 1971): the Bragg law of X-ray diffraction, which is basic for the determination of crystal structure.

    Warcup Cornforth * (1917 - ): influence on the work on penicillin.

    Graeme Clark (1935 - ): development of the Bionic Ear.

    Edgeworth David (1858 - 1934): discovered the Hunter Valley coalfield and led the first expedition to reach the South Magnetic Pole.

    John Carew Eccles * (1903 - 1997): the Physiology of Synapses (a structure that permits a neuron to pass a signal to another neuron).

    Frank Fenner * (1914 - 2010): eradication of smallpox, and the control of Australia's rabbit plague.

    Fred Hollows (1929 - 1993): restoring eyesight for thousands of people in Australia and many other countries.

    * Nobel laureates

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