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    Canadian Scientists and Inventors
    K-12 Level

    Famous Canadian Scientists and Inventors
    Kenneth Iverson (1920 - 2004): Invented the APL computer programming language
    Sid Altman (1939 - ): Discovered catalytic RNA, for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1989
    Willard S. Boyle (1924 - ): Co-Inventor of the Charge Coupled Device for which he won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics
    Bertram Neville Brockhouse (1918 - 2003): Won the Nobel Prize in 1994 for designing the Triple-Axis Neutron Spectroscope and his use of it to investigate Condensed Matter
    Robert L. Carroll (1938 - ): Vertebrate palaeontologist who recognized and described the oldest known ancestor of all reptiles birds and mammals
    Donald (H. S. M.) Coxeter (1907 - 2003): Greatest classical geometer of the 20th century
    Roger Daley (1943 - 2001): Principal constructor of the Canadian numerical weather forecasting system
    Werner Israel (1931 - ): Physicist and cosmologist: Wrote the first logically precise theory for the simplicity of black holes (1967)
    Michael Smith (1932 - 2000): Won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993 for discovering site-directed mutagenesis: that is, how to make a genetic mutation precisely at any spot in a dna molecule.
    Endel Tulving (1927 - ): World authority on human memory function
    Maria Daria Haust (1921 - ): Established paediatric pathology as a distinct subspecialty
    Frederick Banting (1891 - 1941): co-discovered insulin
    Roberta Lynn Bondar (1945 - ): first Canadian woman astronaut in space
    Sandford Fleming (1827 - 1915): invented standard time
    Lap-Chee Tsui (1950 - ): Found the gene that causes cystic fibrosis
    Evelyn C. Pielou (1924 - ): invented mathematical ecology

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