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    Famous Ancient Chinese Scientists and Inventors
    Ancient Chinese Science and Technology Resources

    Famous Ancient Chinese Scientists and Inventors
    Jing Fang (78–37 BCE) suggested that lunar eclipse occurs when the earth obstructs the sunlight traveling towards the moon
    Cai Lun (50–121 CE): papermaking process
    Zhang Heng (78–139): an astronomer, inventor, and early master of mechanical gears.
    Zu Chongzhi (429–500 CE) approximated pi at 3.141592
    Li Chunfeng (602–670) introduced an improved calendar
    Bi Sheng (990-1051) invented the ceramic movable type printing
    Shen Kuo (1031–1095): the first to describe the magnetic needle compass
    Ouyang Xiu (1007–1072) pioneered ideas in early epigraphy and archaeology
    Su Song (1020–1101) invented a water-driven astronomical clock tower which employed the use of an early escapement mechanism.
    Wang Zhen (1271 – 1368): wooden movable-type printing
    Qin Jiushao (1202–1261) was the first to introduce the zero symbol into Chinese mathematics
    Yang Hui (1238–1298): Yang Hui's Triangle - the same as Pascal's Triangle
    Hua Sui (1439–1513) invented the metal movable type printing
    Xu Guangqi (1562–1633): introduced the concept of a spherical earth

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