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    Famous Inventors and Invention Resources
    K-12 Level

    Famous and Notable Inventors
    Paul Nipkow & John Baird: The Invention of the Mechanical Television
    Thomas Alva Edison: The Improvement of the Electric Light Bulb
    George Washington Carver: Development of Peanut Crops and Products
    Leonardo da Vinci: The Invention of the Parachute
    George Eastman: The Invention of the Kodak Hand-Held Camera
    Benjamin Franklin: The Invention of the Lightning Rod
    Johannes Gutenberg: The Invention of Movable Type
    Antonie van Leeuwenhoek: The Invention of the Microscope
    Guglielmo Marconi: The Invention of Radio
    Samuel Morse: The Invention of the Telegraph
    Radio and Wireless: Patent and Invention Milestones
    Alexander Graham Bell: The Invention of the Telephone
    Galileo Galilei: The Invention of the Telescope
    Nikola Tesla: Revolutionary Contributions and Inventions in Electricity and Magnetism
    Evangelista Torricelli: The Invention of the Barometer
    John Bardeen, William Shockley, and Walter Brattain: The Invention of the Transistor
    Alessandro Volta: The Invention of the Voltaic Pile
    Eli Whitney: The Invention of the Cotton Gin
    Wright Brothers: The Invention of the Airplane
    Konrad Zuse: The Invention of the Computer
    Vladimir Kosma Zworykin invented the electronic TV
    Lewis Latimer improved incandescent electric lighting.
    Jerome Lemelson: nearly 600 patents to his name and others still pending

    Invention and Inventors for Kids
    Science of Innovation - National Science Foundation
    List of inventors
    Inventors and Inventions for Kids
    What was invented during the Victorian times?
    Invention and Inventors Fast Facts
    Inventions Made By Kids
    Inventions and Inventors Quiz for Kids
    Inventors and Scientists
    Inventors and Inventions - EnchantedLearning
    The National Inventors Hall of Fame - Fact Monster

    Inventor's Handbook
    Inventor FAQ
    Young Inventors - Student FAQ
    Amateur Inventors FAQ

    Glossary of Patent Terms
    Intellectual Property Glossary
    Inventor’s Glossary

    Inventors, Technologists and Engineers Biographies
    The Inventors of the Industrial Revolution - Blupete
    Inventors and Inventions - Enchanted Learning
    Famous Inventors - about.com
    The Telephone People - PBS
    Forgotten Inventors - PBS
    Inventors and Innovation - Smithsonian
    Famous Inventors and Inventions - about.com
    Inventor Profile - The Great Idea Finder
    Inventor of the Week Archive - MIT
    National Inventors Hall of Fame
    Mechanical Engineering Biographies - ASME
    TV Pioneers - PBS
    People and Discoveries: Technology - PBS
    The National Medal of Technology
    Inventors and Makers - Institute and Museum of the History of Science (IMSS)
    American Inventors & Innovators - Fairbanks North Star Borough School District
    International Photography Hall of Fame

    Invention & Technology Timelines
    Timelines of Invention and Technology - about.com
    Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
    Twentieth Century Inventions - about.com
    Innovation Timeline - The Great Idea Finder
    Timeline of Photography - about.com
    Edison Timeline - Edison National Historic Site
    U.S. Television Chronology, 1875-1970
    Technology Timeline - PBS
    Chemical Engineering, Science & Technology
    Science, Science Education and Technology Timeline - GSU

    Inventors, Technologists and Engineers on Stamps and Images
    Scientists and Inventors - Find a Grave
    Pictures of People and Professions: Engineers - picturehistory.com

    Invent Now - National Inventors Hall of Fame
    The Black Inventor Online Museum
    National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum
    Natl Gallery for America's Young Inventors

    Science Fair Projects and Experiments
    Engineering Projects: Topics, Ideas, Resources and Sample Projects
    Engineering Experiments, Labs and Background Information

    Trivia and Humor
    Inventions and Inventors Quiz - Fun Trivia
    Free Quiz Questions About Famous Inventors and Famous Inventions

    General Invention and Inventors Resources
    Patent Search Engine - patents.com
    The Great Idea Finder
    Invent Now - National Inventors Hall of Fame
    Typewriters - Mr. Martin's Web Site
    Inventors - about.com
    American Experience: Technology - PBS
    Explore Invention at the Lemelson Center - Smithsonian
    Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century - National Academy of Engineering
    Invention Dimension - Lemerson/MIT
    The American Experience: The Telephone - PBS

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