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11th Grade Environmental Sciences Fair Projects
Free Project Examples by Grade Level

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11th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas and Examples
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A Portable Photocatalytic Electricity Generation and Water Purification Unit [View Project]
Biodegrading Naphthenic Acids using Sand Bioreactors in Bitumen Extraction from Oil Sands [View Project]
Sand filters and the biodegradation of toxic naphthenic acids in tailings ponds [View Project]
A new method for measuring toxicity of chemicals replacing the LD50 test [View Project]
Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Constructed Wetland [View Project]
Microbial Oil Spill Bioremediation [View Project]
Zinc Phytoremediation with the Indian Mustard [View Project]
The invasive nature of smooth brome and creeping thistle [View Project]
Study of tropospheric ozone using OSIRIS and TOMS data. [View Project]
Test if the PVC plasticizer DEHP can be replaced by organic alternatives. [View Project]

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