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Middle School Environmental Sciences Fair Projects
Free Project Examples by Grade Level

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Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas and Examples

Absorbing water pollutants with corn cobs [View Project]
Reducing air pollution by coating buildings with titanium dioxide [View Project]
The effect of different materials in a filter on the purity of the water? [View Project]
Using microorganisms (green algae) to bioremediate a source of waste water [View Project]
Managing the Impact of Infrastructure Projects on Endangered Species [View Project]
A water purification system that cheaply and portably purifies water for third world countries [View Project]
Reduce the amount of water flushed down a water closet with the same working efficiency [View Project]
The Effect of Non-ionizing Radiation from Wi-Fi on Radish Seed Growth [View Project]
Carbon dioxide sequestration effects on geologic formations [View Project]
Densities of Various Solutions vs. Plastic Separation [View Project]
What is light pollution. [View Project]
How can we save ozone layer? [View Project]
What is the effect of ozone on plant growth. [View Project]
Oil Absorbency of Polypropylene Pads vs. Natural Products [View Project]
Which type of environment is most affected by an oil spill? [View Project]
Global Warming: What are Street Sponges? [View Project]
Effect of Human Activity on Benthic Survey and Water Quality Parameters [View Project]
Explore dolphin bycatch (caught in nets) [View Project]
Farmed salmon effects on the environment and health. [View Project]
Investigate the endangered salmon [View Project]
Helping painted turtles [View Project]
How the Marbled Murrelet is threatened in British Columbia [View Project]
Will Global Warming affect the Piping Plover's life? [View Project]
Investigate turtles and tortoises. [View Project]
Why are coral reefs dying? [View Project]
The Effect of Bleach on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [View Project]
The Effect of Oil, Weed Killers and Salt on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [View Project]
Car exhaust effect on seedlings and germination rate [View Project]
How to reduce car air pollution. [View Project]
How do Vehicles Affect the pH Properties of Snow [View Project]
Extracting copper from ore (biolixiviation). [View Project]
Bacterial Content of Water Bottles [View Project]
The Effects of Acid Rain on Germination? [View Project]
The Effect of Vitamin A on Radish Plants Exposed to Acid Rain? [View Project]
Determine the effect of acid rain on plant growth. [View Project]
Why does acid rain destroy buildings and pavements? [View Project]
Effect of Acid Rain on the Biomass of Radishes [View Project]
Determine whether overcrowding affects fish growth. [View Project]
Research the Declination of Pacific Salmon in the Fraser River [View Project]
Find the balance of nature in an aquarium [View Project]
The Mountain Pine Beetle's Negative Impact on Pine Trees [View Project]
The Case of the Missing Marmots [View Project]
Overpopulation vs. Overconsumption [View Project]
Why Burns Bog is so hard to preserve? [View Project]
Evaluate the effectiveness of various ice melting products [View Project]
Find the amount of ground-level ozone near your home. [View Project]
Effect of an Oil Water Separator's Shape on Its Effectiveness [View Project]
How do oil spills affect plant growth? [View Project]
The Effect of Water Acid Levels on the Growth of Radishes [View Project]
Determine the effect of different water pollutants on corn. [View Project]
Effect of Different Waters on the Growth of Soybeans [View Project]
Determine what natural pesticide is most effective against crickets. [View Project]
Determine the effect of organic pesticides on ladybugs. [View Project]
Effect of carbon dioxide on temperature change in the atmosphere [View Project]
Effect of Turbidity on Dissolved Oxygen Levels of Water [View Project]
Effect of vegetation decay on water acidity. [View Project]
Effect of flow rate on water quality parameters. [View Project]
How a community living along a creek affects the quality of the creek water [View Project]
Effect of Damming on Water Quality Conditions for Aquatic Life [View Project]
The effect of pH levels on the growth of minnows [View Project]
Effect of Human Activity on Water Quality and Stream Pollution [View Project]
Effect of Development on Water Quality [View Project]
The Effect of Antifreeze on the Survival Rate and Growth of Algae [View Project]
The effect of salinity on the survival rate of daphnia [View Project]
The Effect of Antifreeze on the Survival Rate of Daphnia pulex [View Project]
Does Fluoride Affect the Survival Rate of Daphnia? [View Project]
The Effect of Different OTC Medications on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [View Project]
What material, when burned, gives off the most black carbon particulates [View Project]
Which location in town has the most pollution? [View Project]
Effectiveness of Furnace Air Filters [View Project]
How does different pH water level affect algae cell structure? [View Project]
Do plants in a natural sewage treatment system absorb phosphates and nitrates? [View Project]
Concentration of ground level ozone near a highway. [View Project]
Effects of fossil and alternative fuels on the ozone layer [View Project]
Research Global Warming [View Project]
Impacts of Acid Rain on Crops [View Project]
Which common materials will be most effective at soundproofing? [View Project]
Build your own biosphere. [View Project]
Examine Yellowstone's fascinating and explosive volcanic history [View Project]

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