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    Microscope and Microscopy Resources
    K-12 Level

    Microscope and Microscopy Milestones
    1590 - Hans and Zacharias Janssen made the first optical microscope by placing two lenses in a tube.

    1609 - Galileo Galilei developed a compound microscope with a convex and a concave lens.

    1665 - Robert Hooke using an early microscope discovered cells in living plant tissue.

    1676 - Antonie van Leeuwenhoek observed bacteria and other microorganisms in water, the first bacteria observed by man, using a single-lens microscope of his own design.

    1938 - Ernst Ruska invents the electron microscope.

    1981 - Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer invent the scanning tunneling microscope.

    Microscopes for Kids
    How Light Microscopes Work
    Buying microscopes for children
    History of Microscopes
    Virtual Electron Microscope - Discovery Channel School

    Build a Microscope
    Build a van Leeuwenhoek Microscope
    Building a Microscope - NASA
    A Simple DIY Stereoscopic Microscope
    How to make a digital microscope for £15
    Making a home-made microscope
    Microscopy Stains You Can Make at Home
    30 minute USB microscope
    Build an one Dollar Compound Microscope
    Building a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for less than $100

    Microscopes: Time Line
    Timeline of microscope technology
    History of Microscopes
    Timeline of Microscopy

    Glossaries and Dictionaries
    Glossary of microscope terms
    Microscope Terms Glossary
    Microscope Glossary of Terms Page

    Museum of Microscopy
    The Micropolitan Museum - Microscopy-UK
    Nikon's Museum of Microscopy

    Microscopes on Stamps
    Stamps and Microscopes
    Identification by Raman microscopy of pigments on early postage stamps: distinction between original 1847 and 1858 - 1862, forged and reproduction postage stamps of Mauritius

    Trivia and Quizzes
    Microscope Parts and Lenses Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz
    Under the Microscope Quiz
    Microscopy Quiz

    General Microscopy Resources
    Microscopes - Dr. John R. Stevenson, Miami University
    Microscopes - BBC
    Basic Concepts in Optical Microscopy- National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
    Electron Microscopy Techniques FAQ

    Science Fair Projects and Experiments
    Optics and Light Projects

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