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The Old Testament
Biblical Resources

Old Testament (OT) General Resources
The Ten Commandments
Prophets and Prophecy
Prophets of Israel
Judges of Israel
Gutenberg Bible

Noah's Ark Links
Where is Noah's Ark?
The Search for Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark Search
Noah's Ark
The Search for Noah's Ark
The Building of Noah's Ark

Where Is Mount Sinai?
Where is Mount Sinai?
The Real Mt. Sinai Rediscovered! - BiblePlus
Major Discoveries: Mt. Sinai -
Where is Mount Sinai? - Bible Probe
Sinai and the Bible - Geographia
The Riddle of Mount Sinai - Har Karkom

The Red Sea Crossing
Red Sea Crossing
The Parting of the Red Sea: Miracle or Natural Event? - Christian Courier
The Red Sea Crossing -
Red Sea Crossing Site Rediscovered - BiblePlus
The True Location of the Red Sea Crossing - BibleBelievers

Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
The Search for the Ark

Who Were the Philistines?
Who Were the Philistines?
Philistines - The Catholic Encyclopedia
Philistines (Philistia) - The History of the Ancient Near East
Philistines History for Kids -
Philistines - Wikipedia

First & Second Temples
Solomon's Temple (First Temple)
Second Temple
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem - Jim Milligan, Lambert Dolphin. and Michael Kollen
The Temple Institute, Jerusalem, Israel
The Temple Mount: the Haram-esh-Sharif - Jewish Virtual Library
Southern Temple Mount -
Jerusalem's Temple Mount - UST Projects
The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement
The Jerusalem Archeological Park - Israel Antiquities Authority


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